Remove WP Generator tag

When you use WordPress it automatically adds the meta tag generator with content  Wordpress to your site.

<meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 4.6″>

The Meta Generator tag is used to declare the name and version number of the publishing tool used to create the page.

The meta tag contains information about the document beyond the tile and other things defined in the head section. Meta tags are used to imbed specialized into the document header.

It is recommended not to use the Meta Generator tag. If you have Meta Generator tags, delete them if possible. Meta Generator tags serve no useful purpose for your pages

If you want to remove this generator tag you will have to add a line of code in your functions.php file. But, you can also do this the easy way and use my solution.

You don’t need any technical knowledge for this script to work! You don’t need to change or add any code in the functions.php in WordPress. A lot of solutions are changing the functions.php file, but I created a solution for you without changing any code! You only need to install one plugin. You need to install “Code Snippets” in WordPress. This plugin is build by Shea Bunge.

Code Snippets is an easy, clean and simple way to add code snippets to your site. It removes the need to add custom snippets to your theme theme’s functions.php file.

A snippet is a small chunk of PHP code that you can use to extend the functionality of a WordPress-powered website; essentially a mini-plugin with less load on your site. Most snippet-hosting sites tell you to add snippet code to your active theme’s functions.php file, which can get rather long and messy after a while. Code Snippets changes that by providing a GUI interface for adding snippets and actually running them on your site just as if they were in your theme’s functions.php file.

So step one is install the “Code Snippets” (byShea Bunge) plugin in your WordPress site!

The “Code Snippets” plugin is a free plugin!

Remove Generator WordPress Tag

The following snippet removes the WordPress Generator Tag. You just have to import my xml into the Code Snippets Plugin. After importing, save and activating this snippet the generator line will be gone.

No change of functions.php needed, no problem when you switching to another theme.

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