Internet very slow with Vista, Solution !!!

It drove me nuts !!…………. VISTA !!!!!!! om My Dell Dimension 9200 Problems, errors, crashes …. but most of all … very slow internet connection. (with timeouts and connection errors) The strange thing was…. it was on all my pc’s… even pc’s with Ubuntu or Windows XP installed. When I shut down the Vista PC…. internet was very fast on all other machines !

In the meanwhile, I could install Vista with my eyes wide shut (know the movie  ) . I did it so many times ….  ….. instaling Vista I mean… but without any success. I though it was some third party software which made my internet slow.  Now I have got dual boot…. Ubuntu and Vista…. surfing the net with Ubuntu….. the rest… Vista. But why…. why is this problem bothering me…. I could not stop thinking about it. On many sites …. there al different sollutions . Like :

  • Stop the  Qos service
  • Stop the ipv6 functionality
  • Stop the  phlishing filter
  • Uninstall Mcaffee
  • Do a  “netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled” in a CMDbox 

Wanna read more about this ? ?? Here, here and here.  It did not help any shit ! Then…. I found a posting on a forum about a guy who had uninstalled a Windows Vista patch (KB929735) and after this uninstallment… his internet was up and running again … No… would this be……… Nope…. it did not help. But then … I found the following posting following posting I have 1 desktop and 2 laptops which are all suddenly working slowly after downloading windows pdates after I returned from holiday. The PC and 1 laptop is running XP and 1 laptop is running Vista. I would appreciate help on the dektop initially. Thanks. And then I saw the light…… I found the solution !!!!! It always looked like Internet was fast after a fresh install of Vista !… But after a few restarts it got slower and slower ….. So… I uninstalled all Microsoft Vista patches….. stoped the automatic updater, and refused the connection to the windows updates server
And……… after one restart…… internet is super fast again ! No more updates for some time for me !

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