Simplepie RSS script white screen solution

Well, I was working on my home server with the Simplepie script ( to get some RSS feeds on a site.
It worked great untill I moved it to my live Server.
All I got where white screens…. could not figure it out what this problem was.
Than I found this forum
The developers say they don’t have a clue why this is happening. But will try to solve this.
Till then, I found a way around it. (thanxs to “dostovskk”)
The problem is the cURL library installed on the server.
So a way to resolve this is to either update the cURL lib or to use the forcefsockopen to fetch the remote files.
To force the use of fsockopen > open > look for the following piece of code : “var $force
fsockopen = false;” and change it to “var $force_fsockopen = true;”

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