#Adobe Max 2011 Trip? (english version)

Yesterday @adobesystemsnl twittered this post:

Registration for MAX is opened (Los Angeles, 1-5 October)! Early bird discount until 31 July. http://max.adobe.com/

I remember thinking … DAMN!!!!, I’d like to go. That could also happen were it not that I had to buy a car.

bye bye 3000 euros …. for the Adobe Max 2011!

So I thought … you know what I retweet the message that I simply can not go because of the car I had to buy.

@AdobeSystemsNL Damn. Would like to go there but unfortunately I had to buy a car (Bye Bye #Adobe #MAX money!) sponsor me please, anyone?

As a joke I put in “Please sponsor me, Anyone?”.

And what did @ adobesystemsnl then?

@adobesystemsnl retweeted my message to 1743 followers! I wonder if there is a sponsor at the look out for me.

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