Remove yellowish color in photos with Lightroom

Shooting a good picture is not easy. But when you shoot the right photo and afterwards you see a Yellowish or Blue-ish color on top of your photo’s you might ask yourself what you can do to remove this mistake.

I’ve got the solution for you to remove this yellow color from your photo’s.

The process to remove the yellow color is very easy in Lightroom. The wrong color is due a wrong white balance when you take that picture.

Solution remove yellow color with lightroom

Follow the next steps to remove the yellowish color from your photos.

  1. Open Lightroom;
  2. Select the right Photo;
  3. Click on Develop;
  4. Click on the White Balance color picker
  5. Search for a part of the picture that should be white! Like Teeth, a pearl from a necklace, a white flower or anything.
  6. Click with the White Balance Color Picker in the part that should be white.
  7. Ready!

lightroom wit balans pipetje

White Balance Color Picker

This solution also works with a Blue-ish colorproblem in the photo.



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