Remove file or folder from Git Repo

So you’ve got some file in your GIT Repo that do not belong there? Bummerrrrr every time you git pull your Git repo gives you a hard time with these files! Do you want to merge? These files will be erased  or what ever error message you get! You don’t want these files in your Repo anymore and putting them in the .gitignore does not help. So? How do you remove a file, files or a folder from you Git

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How to git clone into a non-empty directory

I’m building a few new projects. Some in just plain good old PHP and some with a nice framework like Slim 3. I’ve got a good working shared hosting solution at Vimexx and the only problem I have that when I git clone in a usually non empty directory I get these nice errors. So here are the 5 simple steps to git clone in to that non empty folder!

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