Better MongoDB backup script with Tar and move to S3 Bucket

A few months ago I wrote a article about a MongoDB backup script. It worked, but after a while it became useless because it kept locking my MongoDB server. And with that lock it did not open it afterwards so my sites just crashed. This happend because the MongoDb was just to big to handle within a reasonable time. So I had to write another MongoDB backups script.

Url shortener with PHP and MongoDB script

Last week at work some marketing guys asked me if I could build a URL Shortener script. They did not want to use bitly anymore. I told them that I had a url shortener sites ones ( and that I could probably could find the script again. When I found the script and thought about MongoDB… I guess it was time to rewrite it.

MongoDB backups op Amazon S3 met S3CMD

In mijn laatste post heb ik geschreven over de installatie, configuratie van S3CMD en hoe je eenvoudig backups kan maken van je MySQL databases en web files. In deze post leg ik uit hoe je heel eenvoudig een backup kan maken van je MongoDb op je Amazon s3 Bucket met S3CMD.

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