So you’ve got a lot of Blogs or sites in WordPress and you want to share linksnto posts from one site to the other? With the following script you can Displaynrecent WordPress Posts links on another WordPress Blog!n< !–more –>nI’ve got several blogs! And I don’t like crossposting! But I do like showingnlinks from one blog to the other.

So I do like, crosslinking yes! But there is not a very good sollution tondisplay your wordpress posts on other wordpress blogs.

So I created a small script do do this just for you!

Before you head off to my script there are a few small steps to make beforenyou can use my script.

First you will have to install a plugin on your site callednSnippets. With this plugin youncan add extra functionality to your site.

Installed it? Great! You need some information from your other site (where younwant to display the post links from) to get my script working.

You need the following 4 items from your wp_config.php to get this up andnrunning.

  • $table_prefix

You get this information from your wp_config file. It starts at about line 19.nYou’ll need a ftp connection to your server or you can use the plugin WPnConfig File Editornon your site to get this information.

When the two sites are on different servers you also need to fill in the Hostnpart. When on the same server you can leave localhost. But when not… you willnneed to fill in the IP address of the other server.

So create a new snippet within the snippet plugin with the code below. Fill innthe blanks (XXXXXXX) from your wp_config file.

And then you’re all done!

Want to show off some links to posts on the other site?

Just add


To your post or sidebar / footer widgets.

You can add some extra variables to the outcome, like name (of the site) andnnumber of links to show.

You can add these very easily like:

[show-postsothersite sitename=’’ limit=’10’]

And your all done!

[pastacode lang=”php” path_id=”5e543011b1259e2bc6d4” file=”wordpresslinks.php”nhighlight=”” lines=”” provider=”gist”/]

So wanna see it work? Here you can see some examples of my script working formnthese following wordpress blogs :


[show-postsothersite site=’40enfit’ limit=’5’ sitename=’40 en fit!’]

[show-postsothersite site=’itheo’ limit=’5’ sitename=’iTheo’]

[show-postsothersite site=’dezeeuwsefotograaf’ limit=’5’ sitename=’De ZeeuwsenFotograaf!’]

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