Don’t like the way Joomla! puts its name in your site by using the generatornmeta tag ?

There is no way you can change this in the global configuration and whenndisplaying the source code of your site you will always see .

With this plugin you can change it to what ever you wish ! Or even leave itnempty.

This is important if you don’t want search engines picking up your site withnJoomla meta tags. Especially if your site doesn’t have anything to do withnJoomla!

See the source code (right mouse click -> source) our demo siten to see what it puts into the sourcencode.

Hint, look for the following line:
n name=”generator” content=”Build by Theo” / >

Then change the template to another one and you will see that the code staysnintact

You know what the best part is of this plugin ?It s comes real cheap !

Download it here