Wanna let your friends know where you at ?

Start using Google Latitude on your mobile phone ! And show it with thisnmodule on your Joomla! site

Google Latitude is a location-aware mobile app developed by Google. Latitudenallows a mobile phone user to allow certain people on to track their location.nVia their own iGoogle accounts, the user’s cell phone location is mapped onnGoogle Maps. The user can control the accuracy and details of what each of thenother users can see — an exact location can be allowed, or it can be limitednto identifying the city only. For privacy, it can also be turned off by thenuser, or a location can be manually entered.

It works out of the box, just put in your Google Latitude Id and start usingnit !

Looknhere to see it work !



Just install it like a normal module. Then get a Google Latitude Badge ID here


If not logged in yet click on the Sign in to customize and get the embedncode » link.

Get the complete id behind :nhttp://www.google.com/latitude/apps/badge/api?user=

Get the complete ID (also if there is a minus — sign before the id, you alsonneed that)

Got the id ? You’re good to go !

Joomla! 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 ready!

You can downloadnthe source from github!

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