So you’re ready for a new workout! Biking, Walking, Running, Crossfit… you press the button to start on your V800 or M400…. and you wait until it connects to your heart rate band Polar H7. And you wait… and wait…. wait! It does not connect? What ever you try it just does not connect. But I’ve got Solution Polar V800 M400 Heart rate H7 Connection problem!

So you’ve got a Polar V800 or a Polar M400! It’s great isn’t it! I think Polar creates the best Sport-Smart-Watches you can get!

But! Connecting to your Heart Rate Band H7 can be Horror!! When you cannot connect, you just cannot connect with it!

But I’ve got a working solution!

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I did not know that many people have connection problems with the Polar V800 or M400 and the Heart Rate Bands like the H7.

Your not alone! I also had a problem with my V800 Heart Rate Band connection.

Polar V800 / M400  H7 connection problem

So for a while my heart rate H7 band worked just fine!  But after a while it just stopped.

It was frustrating, I was going to do a workout…. and my heart rate did not came up. So how could I see how my workout went? How much calories I burned! I couldn’t!!

What ever I tried, it just did not work. Deleted the H7  connection, tried to get the connection back. Did not work! Ahhhhh now what?

Solution polar v800 / M400 with H7 connection

So here goes! There is actually one thing you have to check before you start the solution below!

The check is to see if your H7 still works and has enough battery juice! Now that is easy! Don’t mind me saying that it is absolutely crazy that the H7 does not have a simple battery check in it. But then again, who am I to come up with these practical idea’s 🙂

So pick up your smartphone and within the settings of your smartphone look for bluetooth. Found it? Connect the H7 to the chest strap! Then go search for another bluetooth device. Does the H7 band show up? Great, there is still battery juice! So no problem there.

Doesn’t the H7 show up, then this could mean two things.


  1. Your phone is to old and it cannot find this new piece of technology, go buy a new phone!
  2. The Battery is dead! Go buy a new Battery!
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So your H7 showed up! Great! Let’s go into resetting the connection and the watch!


  1. Delete the H7 on your Polar V800 or M400
  2. Soft reset your Watch. Press the 4 corner buttons at the same time. Wait for the Polar Logo to come on screen, and release the buttons.
  3. Wait for the watch to start
  4. After restart (don’t forget to put the H7 on the chest band) search for the H7 in the watch settings part!
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All done!

When ever your H7 connection on your Polar v800 /M400 fails  just follow these easy to fix steps!

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