This is why Linkedin endorsements don't mean jack anymore! Part 2

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This is why Linkedin endorsements don't mean jack anymore! Part 2

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Linkedin endorsements and how they became a Sham!

And now I even got proof that people just endorse without having a clue what they are doing and who they are doing it for.

The names in this post are fictitious (except for mine) because I don’t want to offend the people I know on linkedin.

Please don’t feel offended in any way when you read this Article.

So this guy Carl is connect to me on linkedin. I don’t even remember why, but we’ve got a connection. As you might understand, I’ve got over 500 connections on Linkedin, my Linkedin url is on my business card so … no I do not know everybody connected personally on Linkedin.

This guy Carl who I really don’t know but we’re connected, suddenly endorses me for a few of my skills. I just wrote about the Linkedin Endorsement Sham so I thought… here you go!

A week or so later he endorses me again, for more skills. And another week later he endorses me for another 10 or so skills!

And than I said to myself, okay…. why is this guy endorsing me for so many skills. So I’ve send him the following message.

Hi Carl, Why are you endorsing me for everything? I like it but…. you barely know me. Well have a great day! And thanxs again! Theo

So guess what! The same day I’ve got the answer!

Carl replied with:

Hi Theo: Linkedin has a box that comes up every now and then that lets you endorse 30 people or more for whatever skills they have. If you look at other people’s pages, you’ll also notice that they have a bunch of endorsements from people they don’t necessarily know. The reason why one might make the endorsement is to get listed on a lot of pages as being an endorser. If you don’t want the endorsement, you can always reject it. It’s linkedin’s policy. I’m just rolling with it. Best, Carl

So he’s doing this because he want to be an endorser! He wants to be special…

Hey look at me, I endorsed 10.000 people I don’t know, with 100 skills I don’t know they have, and I don’t really fracking care!

(don’t mind the language!)

And because it’s a linkedin policy he’s just rolling with it! What The Frack? (don’t mind the language!)

So… you have to agree with me. This so called new Linkedin feature means Jack!

By the way, I thanked him for the endorsements, pointed him out to my other post about how this feels like a sham and wished him luck.

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