So many people ask me how can you keep up in your work?

How do you do know who is doing what?

How do you keep documentation up to date?

Well, I don’t!
nDon’t get me wrong, I do …. but I don’t!n< !–more –>nI guess you might sit behind your computer with a big questionmark above yournhead.

Okay, let me tell you a little secret. The tools do all that for me.

With a little help from me and my Development team.

I use lot’s and lots of Tools and this blog is about a few those tools.

Well, the most important tool of them all is I guess my MacBook and My SonynArc Android CyanogenMod 9.1 .

My MacBook 13” is small enough to not get a pain in my back carrying it withnme during the day. And it is big enough to work on it for a few ours withoutngetting any vinger strains or neck problems. I’m not a real Apple FanBoy (Indon’t have an iPad, don’t have an iPhone) but a Mac really works great.nStartup times from sleepmode is faster than snapping your fingers andneverything just works out of the box.

Second my Sony Arc. I said with CyanogenMod because the Sony Android versionnis just to slow. So I’ve replaced the standard Android version withnCyanogenMod 9.1 and that just works great.

But what about the software. Okay I use a lot of software / tools and here isna small list.

Evernote | Remember everything with Evernote
n Evernote lets your take notes, sync files across your devices, savenwebpages, capture inspiration, and share your ideas with friends andncolleagues.
nI use evernote on a daily base. I take screenshot with it, put in my ideas,nput in my todo’s, put in very important pdf files. And it syncs with all mynappliances. My Mac and my Sony mobile phone. Great if you are an GTD user !!

JIRA Issue & Project TrackingnSoftware
nTrack and manage everything with JIRA project and issue tracking.

Yes I’m a Software Development Manager, and guess what is taking a big chunknof time out of my day. Nope… not putting in bug tickets or feature requests.nThat’s all done with Jira. It’s a great issue tracking tool. Works on Java,nand for the first 10 users it’s only 10 bucks!
nWe are using it together with Greenhopper and BonFire

Bonfire for JIRA
n Bonfire allows you to quickly capture issues from any page in this browsernto your JIRA project, manage test sessions, and use issue templates, and muchnmore.
nSo your on this website the development team has made, and you see a verynsmall but very big error. You could tell in words to look for it there / therenand there… but trust me, the development team will not see the error.

So now you can take a screenshot put all kinds of arrows and text on it andnput it in Jira right away. It’s fast and works in every browser. Yes yes yesneven in Internet Explorer.

GreenHopper | Agile ProjectnManagement Software
n GreenHopper adds agile project management to any JIRA project for softwarendevelopment teams practicing Scrum or Kanban.
nYes we use Scrum on the job. One of the main reasons to start usingnGreenhopper was to save time. Every day we had to do the burndown (we creatednit in Excel, right I know!) and it the timespan of that got bigger and biggernwhen the team got bigger and bigger.

So we started using Greenhopper, the burndown is created by itself. Save lot’snand lot’s of time!

Confluence | TeamnCollaboration Software
n Confluence content and team collaboration software connects teams to thencontent and co-workers they need to get the job done, faster.
nWe had this Wiki, and I hated it. I had to learn all these wiki languages, itnwas slow, could not find anything anymore and putting in images or an pdf filenwas like building a cold fusion reactor.

So we started to use Confluence! Do you know drag and drop? Well Images /npdf’s / Word Documents, drag drop ready. With the WYSIWYG editor typing an“wiki” page is like a walk in the park. Creating pages is easy, searchingnworks great.

It’s a real timesaver.

So there you have it, the Tools I use on daily base.

Ans don’t forget, a fool with a tool is still a fool!

** If you have any questions about the tools above don’t hesitate to ask!**