Annoying noise HP envy 7640 solution!!!

How to get rid of it

Beep…. Beep … Beep a constant beeping noise in my ear when I turn on the HPnenvy 7640.

Beep…. Beep … Beep a constant beeping noise in my ear when I turn on the HPnenvy 7640.n< !–more –>nI was about to pull out my hair… or throw the HP 7640 out of my window.

It drove me crazy!!!

And then I found te sollution!

So I tried to record the sound or beeping or peeping noise the HP envy 7640nmakes.

Here’s the sound mine made ( turn your volume up!! )

When I turned the HP off… the sound was a bit better…. but I could still hearnit!

The HP is a great printer. I do a lot of printing and scanning on it! Evennwith my iPhone when I’m around the house.

The colors are very vivid and the printing and scanning doesn’t take a lot ofntime. And even better… the whole street uses my Printer to print their stuff.Neighbours just send their files by mail to my printer. The then give me ancall if they can get the printed stuff 🙂

But it’s the sound!!! The ever lasting Beeeeeeeep or Peeeeeeeeep… well you getnthe picture… I mean you get the Hearing when you play the above file. I was about to sell the damn noise making printer and then I found the solution!!!

The solution is simple! Just unplug it! Yes yes…. Unplug it from the wallnoutlet! And the MotherF@&$^!*& is finally quiet!!

Ha ha ha okay, that’s not a real solution, but for now it works!

The real solution is to Call HP! Yes call them!!

For the Netherlands: 020–721 90 41 van ma-vr tussen 08.30–18.00

For other countries look on the HP site. I would have searched for it for you,nbut it keeps redirecting me to the Dutch site.

When you call them explain the problem. That the noise is gone when you unplugnthe mother! What they will do is send you a new adapter. It an internal onenbut replacing the adapter on the HP envy 7640 is very simple! My 4 year oldnson could do it! (yes I actually saw him do it!)

After replacing it, the noise is gone! Sit back and relax and enjoy your HPnPrinter again!

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