Solution Polar V800 Bluetooth Connection problem

So you’ve got a Polar V800! It’s great isn’t it! I think it’s one of the best Sport-Smart-Watches out there!

But! Bluetooth connection can be Horror!! When it’s broken… it really is broken! The Polar V800 just won’t sync with your phone anymore!

But I’ve got a working solution!

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So, you’ve got an Polar V800 with a Bluetooth connection problem. Many others do! When you search for it on Google you get a freaking 20.600 results!

Your not alone! I also had problems with my V800 Bluetooth connection.

Polar v800 bluetooth problem

So for a while I really liked the messages coming to my watch from my phone. But after a while it just stopped.

I did not really mind, I could still see the messages on my phone and the Polar V800 did not display the full messages anyway.

But then my Polar V800 stopped syncing my data… say what? How can I see the work I put in to that workout in Polar Flow?

What ever I tried, it just did not work. Deleted the Bluetooth connection, tried to get the connection back. Deleted the Flow app, and put it back.

Nope did not work! I tried it all, but the bluetooth connection did not came back. No more smart messages. No more data tot Polar Flow.

Now What!

Solution polar v800 bluetooth connection

So here goes! This is the solution for your Polar v800 connection problem. When you follow the following steps you will be able to get smart messages again. And be able to sync your data from and to your phone again.

  1. Delete the Bluetooth connection on you phone with the Polar V800
  2. Delete the Flow App on your phone, yes wipe that flow data also!
  3. Restart your phone!
  4. Delete the phone bluetooth connection on your watch
  5. Soft reset your Watch. Press the 4 corner buttons at the same time. Wait for the Polar Logo to come on screen, and release the buttons.
  6. Wait for the watch to start
  7. Wait for your phone to restart
  8. Install the Polar Flow app
  9. Login to the Polar Flow app
    1. When the app askes you to press the lower left button on your watch, please do so.
    2. Tap your phone with the Watch (only when its asked for!). I really don’t know why as my iPhoney 5s does not have a nfc chip inside, but do it anyway.
    3. The phone will ask the pincode that shows on your watch. Type it into your phone.

All done!

When ever your bluetooth connection on your Polar v800 does not work anymore just follow these easy to fix steps!

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