Why you should not buy a MacBook!

Apple, I guess they are one of the most expensive computer/laptop/tablet and phone manufacturers from the world!

But are they really? Is a macbook more expensive then a average Windows laptop? And is it better or worse than a Windows laptop?

In this blog post I will tell you all about it and why you should never buy a Macbook!

If you like viruses! Don’t buy a Macbook!
Apple computers are the most secure at the moment! They do know viruses but you don’t need anti-virus software.

If you don’t like looking at your selfmade photo’s, don’t buy a MacBook!
Apple had retina displays which are the most sharp and one of the best screens at the moment!

If you like blue screens of death, sudden system crashes, don’t buy a Macbook!
Crashing Macbooks? Right!

If you like slow starting and slow running systems due to big registry files, don’t buy a Macbook!
Macbooks don’t have real registry files. MacBooks use user preferences.

If you like spending a lot of money on software OS upgrades don’t buy a Macbook! Windows 8 upgrade € 119.99 (per PC) Windows 8 Pro upgrade € 279.99 (per PC) Lion upgrade € 17,99 (all your own apple pc’s) Lion pro upgrade… ha ha ha Lion = Pro (Lion pro does not exists)

If you like big black square heavy boxes as a Laptop, don’t buy a Macbook!
Apple was the first to come with aluminium unibody laptops, all the others are copycats!

If you like selling your old hardware for a dime, don’t buy a Macbook!
The Apple hardware seem to stay at a certain high level of pricing, even when used!

If you like waiting for your computer to get out of sleeping mode, don’t buy a Macbook!
My Macbook has been running for weeks (putting it in sleepmode when I don’t use it) and never had to restart it! I open the laptop, and it just is ready to work on!

If you like a battery draining OS, don’t buy a Macbook!
My Macbook runs smoothly on the internal battery pack for 7 hours! Everything around the battery is optimized! It even shows how many reload cycles have passed!

If you like difficult uninstalling software, don’t buy a Macbook!
On a Macbook you just put the software in the trash-bin and it is uninstalled.

I’m I an Apple fanboy?
No! And yes. I like my Macbook but I’ve got an Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and I love it!) And I loved Windows XP and windows 7! Windows 8… well, the metro style is not really my thing!

Do I hate Windows?
No! As I said, I loved Windows XP and Windows 7. And it took me a lot of convincing to buy a expensive Macbook. At this point I’m really happy with my Macbook. I’ve been using it over one year now and it has never let me down!

Is a Macbook expensive?
To first buy, yes! Yes it is very expensive! But all you get back for it is enough value for your money and more!

So, is a Macbook expensive? No! And there are no Cons?
Sure! If you are used to Windows you will have to relearn how to use Lion OS. As it is designed for the user almost everything is different but also easier!

Should you buy a Macbook?

[update : 11 june 15:00]_
Some people did not understand this blog post. It was actually a funny youtube movie that got me writing about this subject.

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